do you really know your skin type?

Meet Therapeutic Skin Coach Hayley Wood, the skin guru and co-founder of Skin Food Talk—an educational platform for holistic practices for skin, nutrition and self-care. She explains exactly how to identify your skin type, and how to care for it.

Do you really know what a “skin type” is and which category you fall into? Skin types are categorized by how much oil you produce on your skin. For example, do you have blackheads or breakouts? Or does your skin feel really rough and dry? The skin we are born with starts to change around our pre-teen to teenage years, and continues to evolve throughout our lives.

Skin types are often misidentified, which can lead us to purchase products that are completely wrong for us. And while it’s useful to know our skin type, we also have to take into account the fact that our skin is a living organ. It is ever changing and reacts to both our inner and outer environments.

This is where skin conditions come into play. Skin conditions are a result of how our skin responds to unique factors including weather, auto immune deficiencies, allergies, food sensitivities, and stress. It’s very important to differentiate your skin type from any skin condition you might be temporarily experiencing so you can properly care for your skin.

Let’s break down each skin type, and the conditions that can come along with it.


This skin type is likely to be yours if your skin only produces little to no oil on the nose. Typically you have small pores and don’t experience a lot of congestion. This type of skin usually needs extra nourishing to promote plumpness and a glow. Lots of hydration is the key to success with a dry skin type!

A dry skin type can be especially prone to the following skin conditions:

  • DEHYDRATION – A dry skin type already produces a minimum amount of oil, so it’s important to maintain hydration from within as well as sealing in hydration with a breathable moisturizer or balm. Otherwise skin can feel tight, itchy, or look scaly or flaky. An example of a great product for a dry/dehydrated skin would be the Odacite Deep Hydration Mask that can be used as a nighttime moisturizer or mask to replenish the missing moisture in the skin.
  • SENSITIVITY – This can be triggered by stripping the little amount of oil production which forms our protective barrier, which can also cause inflammation on the skin. Skin may feel tight, reactive, and irritated. Minimizing stripping agents, including sulfates found in harsh cleansers, in your skincare is key. A wonderful option that helps heal sensitivity in a dry skin type would be the Tammy Fender Intensive Repair Balm because it repairs barrier damage while soothing the skin and protecting it.
  • BREAKOUT PRONE – These breakouts may result from a lack of exfoliation which can cause bacteria to clog up the skin. Skin usually feels tight and rough to the touch. A great example of a product that will help zap a breakout without stripping moisture from your skin is Bottega Organica’s Anti Blemish Orange Oil. Its nourishing olive oil base has calming chamomile to help shrink down any inflammation in the skin.

Great brands that work for dry skin include: Odacite, Tammy Fender, Kahina giving beauty, Shiva Rose, Bottega Organica and many more!


This skin type is easily irritated and can contain inflammation which is often visible as redness. This skin type doesn’t typically have a lot of oil production, which means a weaker barrier for protection of external factors. This skin type can easily react to environmental triggers such as pollution and unfiltered water, certain spicy foods, alcohol, and stress.
Here are the skin conditions most commonly experienced by a sensitive skin type:

  • ROSACEA – If you have reactive skin with lots of distended or broken capillaries, chances are you may experience rosacea. This skin is easily flushed and irritated. It can also feel hot to the touch and is often dry and scaly in feel. The causes of this can differ from each person, but can be best diagnosed by your holistic esthetician or doctor. A powerful product to help with this would be the Laurel anti-inflammatory serum as it restores broken capillaries, soothes redness and repairs uneven skin tone from any damaged skin.
  • SENSITIZED – This skin condition is a reaction to over-stressing the skin. It can feel like skin is burning when a product is applied. This can be triggered by pollution, weather, or wrong product usage. Diet and lifestyle-related inflammation include drinking alcohol, coffee, or smoking cigarettes. The hypersensitivity kit from MV skincare is an ideal trio to help calm and restore the skin’s barrier.
  • DEHYDRATED – Sensitive skin can experience an overproduction or underproduction of oil on the skin with an underlying layer of inflammation. This can be caused by lack of hydration, as well as harsh, stripping products. The Osmia Calibration Serum works well to balance natural oil function, and to help calm and soothe the skin so you feel more balanced in your skin’s hydration.

Brands that soothe sensitive skin include: MV skincare, PAI, Osmia Organics, CV skinlabs, Laurel Whole Plants Organics and many more!




This skin type is defined by an abundant production of oil throughout the t-zone and into the tops of the cheeks. This skin type requires more exfoliation than other skin types and often overlooked in terms of hydration. You can age beautifully with an oily skin type as long as you upkeep your maintenance with a simple skincare and consistent skin care routine.
An oily skin type can be especially prone to the following skin conditions:

  • DEHYDRATION – Interestingly enough, oily skin is not immune to dehydration! This can be caused by not drinking enough water, eating dehydrating foods such as processed food, sugary, or heavily salted foods, or not using the right products. As a result, the skin can feel tight and oily on the surface, and products can have a hard time penetrating. A perfect fix for a dehydrated, oily skin type is a little bit of Squalane oil by Indie Lee. The olive derived squalene is lightweight and packed with moisture to balance and help stimulate regeneration.
  • BREAKOUTS – Oily skin can be prone to breakouts if bacteria and oil are trapped in the pores. This can cause buildup and infections that lead to breakouts and a greasy like texture, especially if the skin is not exfoliated often enough. Rest assured that this is easy to correct with balancing your PH level and proper exfoliation. Mahalo’s Pele Mask is a great fit for breakout-prone oily skin because its clay and enzyme blend draws out excess oils and stimulates blood flow to flush out any toxins. Its soothing herbs help calm any inflammation as well.
  • SENSITIVITY – This skin condition is the result of having a compromised skin barrier and inflammation. This can lead to a greasy texture with a discomfort for almost anything on the skin. Regulating your PH with a simple hydrating mist and avoiding exfoliants is ideal in this case. Skin Owl’s Mangosteen oil is a great calming treatment for this condition because of the natural antioxidants and anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and antibacterial properties.

Brands that are great at controlling oil production while preserving a healthy glow are: Dr. Alkaitis, May Lindstrom, Skin Owl, Indie Lee, Province Apothecary, Mahalo and many more!


This is probably your skin type if you experience a little bit of t-zone oil production, while the rest of the skin is not overly active. This type is also known as the “normal” skin type.<

  • BREAKOUTS – Breakouts are caused by lowered immunity which causes infection to spread through the lymphatic system. When a combination skin experiences a breakout, it may or may not be in an area that has a high oil production. Treating each section of the skin according to its needs will balance the breakouts regardless of location. Vered’s Therapeutic Balancing Oil works well to balance skin’s inflammation while controlling breakouts with it’s unique blend of anti-fungal, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory soothing herbs.
  • SENSITIZED – Sensitized skin condition for a combination skin type is usually related to improper use of products or using the wrong products. Allow your natural barrier to rebuild itself by avoiding acids, enzymes, and scrubs during this time. Kypris Beauty Elixir III is a great option for a sensitized skin with combination oil production because this essential oil-free nourishing blend of oils work together to balance any inflammation in the skin.
  • DEHYDRATED – The skin is dehydrated here in two ways. First, it will feel tight and scaly in the areas that do not produce a lot of oil, and second, it will feel excessively oily and clogged in the t-zone. Focus on light hydration and internal balance here. More water everyday will reflect in your skin in no time! Josh Rosebook’s Hydrating Accelerator and Deep Hydrating Serum combo works well to balance dehydrated skin without feeling heavy.

Brands that tone, balance, and protect are: Josh Rosebrook, Vered Botanical Organics, One Love Organics, Mun, Lina Hanson, Kypris, Soapwalla and many more!

The beauty of natural skincare is that it can adapt to your skin in a way that synthetic ingredients cannot. The chemistry of naturally derived ingredients are easily recognized by the skin. Always transition your skincare slowly, and be sure to reach out to the experts at The Detox Market at so you can feel fully supported before making your skincare investments.