june gemstone of the month: moonstone

In the first installment of her monthly column, Gem + Remedy illuminates the properties of Moonstone, one of the birthstones of June. Read on to learn more about this celestial stone.

That orbed maiden,
with white fire laden,
Whom mortals call the moon.

– Percy Bysshe Shelley


All hail the moon! It’s considered the most feminine of all the celestial bodies. And why is that? Because it is both soft and powerful at the same time? Because it tricks us with its gentle light, pretending to be ever so yielding, when in reality it possesses the ability to control the ocean tides of a planet 238,900 million miles away from it? Yep. Sounds like most women I know. Mystery solved.

Moonstone is much like its namesake in that it has a strong feminine vibe to it. Women have been drawn to the stone for centuries, and it has been used in decoration and jewelry for more than two thousand years. There are many varieties, but Rainbow Moonstone is my personal favorite. It has that mysterious flash of all the colors in the spectrum, hence it’s name. If this stone had a favorite line from a favorite song it would be, “I’m every woman, it’s all in me!” (Let’s take a moment of silence for Whitney Houston, shall we?)

Okay, now let’s talk about what Moonstone can do for every woman!

Physically it’s said to help balance our hormones and help with fluid retention, so it’s always helpful to have a piece handy when the PMS train rolls into town. It’s beneficial to the digestive cycle and stimulates the pineal gland—that tiny gland tucked way up near the center of the brain that secretes melatonin, the hormone that has the ability to control biological rhythms and has important effects on the reproductive function of many animals, including us human animals. So yes, it can help out the fertility situation. In fact, it’s one of the stones I use in the formula of my fertility bracelet. Because the pineal gland has a large function in letting our bodies react to environmental lighting, this little gland has garnered the nickname “the third eye”.

It’s a great soother for out of control emotions (hi PMS and menopause) and helps to enhance our women’s intuition and open our third eye. It also helps open the heart, and historically has been a popular gift to give your lover…or if you really mean it, your “lovah”.




Rainbow Moonstone is also used for psychic protection, like when you’re dreaming or meditating. All those colors hidden inside help to deflect any negativity or another person’s crappy colored aura. Yes, some people have crappy colored auras. We need to show these people extra love and patience, but also make sure they keep their aura in their own yard—and carrying Rainbow Moonstone can help.

Wearing it in a piece of jewelry or carrying a small piece in your pocket (or bra as my friend does) can keep you feeling balanced, open-hearted and intuitive. It also helps you feel mysterious, especially when you whip it out in public and gaze at it as if it holds all the secrets of the world, which it might.

To cleanse your Rainbow Moonstone (and you should after using or carrying it continuously for a week) you can hold it under running water for a few seconds or leave it submerged in brown rice for 24 hours (throw the rice out after this, don’t eat it) or smudge it with sage. To charge your Moonstone—you guessed it—put it out where it can get the light of a full moon.

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