welcome to the world of serums

For our first ever Master Class, we recently welcomed Detox Market customers to our Yorkville store in Toronto, where they experienced an evening learning about the benefits of serums from our amazing retail manager, Kayla.

For anyone who’s new to this category of skincare, a serum can be described as any highly potent liquid that penetrates into the deep layers of the skin. Typically, a serum is either water or oil-based, but don’t be fooled – not all serums are created equally!

Kayla began the night discussing skin concerns with the small group of attendees, and based on the needs of the group, shared her top product recommendations for every skin type. The group was introduced to the benefits of each serum’s key ingredients, and everyone was able to test each product on their skin. The evening ended with a Q & A session, where Kayla also shared her top tips for serum application and addressed any other skin concerns from the group. After receiving lots of positive feedback, we’re looking forward to sharing our next installment of the Master Class series!

Read on to find out which products made Kayla’s list of favorite serums for every skin concern.



Global Baby/Sensitive Serum by Lina Hanson

If this multipurpose serum is safe for baby’s skin, then it’s definitely going to be a great option for sensitive skin. With calming cucumber and soothing Kalahari Melon seed oils, this serum can be used to moisturize or cleanse, and is gentle enough to use daily.



Pure Jojoba by MV Skincare

Made with 100% organic jojoba seed oil, this serum closely matches skin’s natural oils for a fast-absorbing product that won’t clog pores. It can also be used as a makeup remover or facial cleanser for a truly multi-use skincare staple.


Black Cumin Cajeput Serum Concentrate by Odacité

This targeted serum is a perfect spot treatment that absorbs deep into the skin, without harshly drying it out. It uses Black Cumin to purify the skin and control bacteria, while Cajeput helps to prevent further breakouts from appearing.



Active Infusion Serum by Josh Rosebrook

This powerful serum contains a long list of active ingredients, just some of which include green tea, marshmallow root, fennel seed and seabuckthorn. With its unique combination of essential oils, this serum helps balance oil production while still leaving skin soft and hydrated.



Quintessential Serum by Tammy Fender

For skin that needs intense hydration, Tammy Fender’s Quintessential Serum is the way to go! It deeply replenishes and restores skin’s natural moisture barrier to repair and protect dry, dehydrated skin.