are you sensitizing your skin?

Our guest editor Hayley Wood answers... Are you sensitizing your skin? Meet Therapeutic Skin Coach Hayley Wood, the skin guru and co-founder of Skin Food Talk—an educational platform for holistic practices for skin, nutrition and self-care. She explains how you you may be causing your sensitive skin—and how to fix it.

Sensitive skin can be really difficult to navigate. If you were born with easily irritated skin, you may be able to know which ingredients to avoid, as well as what may trigger you. But, what if you never had to worry about your skin until one day it feels like it is far more difficult to understand and control? If all of a sudden you feel sensitivity, you may be sensitizing your skin. Here is a rundown on how to figure out if you are sensitizing your skin:


If you are still using the same skincare products from high school, your skin may decide it is no longer benefiting from it and become sensitized. We are always evolving and our oil production can change drastically from our teens to our later decades. If you are still treating your skin for your youthful self, you are not feeding yourself with the correct vitamins to optimize your skin health. Consider reaching out to a Detox Market expert to see what products you may need to switch up.


Food sensitivities can creep into our skin and create inflammation. A great way to identify what is going on is with an elimination diet. The Clean Program walks you through a supported three week elimination diet to identify any food triggers. After three weeks you slowly introduce one of the eliminated foods in to see if you are sensitive to it. This type of food detoxing can really narrow down what may be creating some skin sensitivity, and can be a great reset for your nutrition.


Environmental changes can be a major stressor to our skin because our skin does best in the environment in which we grew up in. For example, if you are acclimated to seasonal temperatures in the northeast, your skin may hold onto more heat in a warmer climate. Heat can then create more inflammation, and that can create irritation in the skin. Simple solutions include getting a water filtration system, air purifying plants, and supporting your liver from the environmental stress. Keep your water temperature cool when washing your face to make sure your skin stays cooled down.


Hormonal shifts are normal for everyone at any stage of life. If you are under stress you are likely to experience some shifts in mood, sleep patterns, food cravings, and energy. This causes our immunity to lower, and our skin can feel much more sensitive. Get your hormones checked, and add in some Sex Dust by Moon Juice to help you along the way. The adaptogen blend helps naturally support your hormones with ingredients including ho sho wu, maca, and cacao. Simply add to your morning smoothie or coffee, blend, and enjoy!


One of our favorite things to do is test out new ingredients and brands. But, if your skin is known for being very sensitive or reactive, you may want to try before you buy. The Detox Market offers samples of almost all of their products (just click “SAMPLE IT” on the product’s page). This way you can be sure before committing.

Now you certainly don’t have to do all of these things at once. If one particular scenario resonates with you feel free to reach out to our team of experts for support. Skin can heal pretty quickly with the right support and a good attitude, so don’t sweat it. Just know the first step is awareness, you are not alone, and we are here to help at any time.