moksha yoga x tata harper

When I first heard about the newest Tata Harper face mask I was so intrigued. I am a huge fan of both the purifying and resurfacing masks, and this only created massive excitement once I was invited to the Tata Harper Yoga event at Moksha Studio. Yoga and a Tata Harper face mask? I couldn't ask for more.

The event began at the Moksha Yoga Studio, in downtown Toronto, where we were introduced to the highly anticipated Clarifying Mask – a beautiful rich green color with a smooth consistency, and of course amazing aroma. This mask is a complexion clearing treatment, with ingredients such as a salicylic acid trio to minimize the appearance blemishes, as well as an AHA superfruit blend and lactic acid to refine the appearance of pores.



We entered the room and yoga mats were set up along with gold bowls, green bandanas and face sponges. The class was a mix of Yang Yin – a balance between a strength based practice, flexibility and relaxation.

To start, we all put on our green bandanas, we all looked like an amazing green beauty girl gang (I loved this)! We then applied the regenerating cleanser to gently exfoliate before applying the clarifying mask.

After applying the mask we began our yoga class, it was so relaxing yet invigorating to have this active mask working its magic on our skin. Practicing yoga is a great way to de-stress in our busy world. As we go through our days feeling stressed or overwhelmed it can throw us out of balance, and can not only affect our inner harmony, but also our skin. The clarifying mask is like no other mask I’ve tried, the smell is so beautiful and having acne/blemish prone skin I love the concept of having honey, sage, willow bark and lavender in the mask – these are ingredients that I have found really work for my skin.



We removed our masks with warm water and a sponge, finishing with a spritz of hydrating floral essence and a pump of rejuvenating serum. The combination of sweating while exfoliating from the quartz sand micro-crystals with a hydrated and nourished feeling from the chlorella was such a treat.



I’m a busy person, as we all are, and I loved being able to accomplish two things at once. I left feeling the most relaxed and my skin felt nourished and clear. Plus, we all got a good laugh at our green faces. Namaste.

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