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I can't imagine a better occasion than Valentine's day for a little "me time" pampering. Ideally, if a date is planned, I'll skip the dry shampoo and give my hair a proper cleanse. While my favorite playlist is playing, I'll have some tea, and take an invigorating shower before moving onto my skin and makeup.


Lip care is an essential step. Not only are dry flaky lips uncomfortable, but they also make any lipstick look awful. As I have mentioned in this previous post, I love Henne’s Lip Exfoliators. They contain enough scrubbing particles (organic sugar) to lift dead skin; but they also contain oils, waxes, and butters that soften the lips and prevent them from getting irritated with the scrubbing. Once I wipe the product off, my lips are absolutely kissable. For extra softness, I apply some Henné Lip Balm. It actually takes more time to write about this process than the process itself. In less than 2 minutes, my lips feel like brand new.


After cleansing my face, I use a gentle exfoliating mask. I always do a quick face mask when I have special plans because it makes all the difference. When I don’t, I can clearly see how my makeup does not go on as smooth, does not look as even, and my complexion is not as luminous. For this job, I like mild clay/charcoal-based products like the Odacité Synergie[4] Immediate Skin Perfecting Masque. This mask helps to shed dead skin cells, so any flaky skin comes off, and reveals fresher, softer skin. All while not irritating my delicate skin.

Following the mask, I spritz a hydrating, pH-adjusting mist like the MUN Anarose Toner. Aloe and Prickly Pear make this product a great one to soothe the skin after the mask, taking care of any redness (a very light flushing of the cheeks following the mask removal is normal). It also contains Hyaluronic Acid, so it feels like a cool drink of water on a hot day–no emphasis added. I let it sink into my skin for about a minute and then, while my skin is still slightly damp, I pat/gently press a few drops of the Maya Chia Face Oil on my face and neck, and I roll the Maya Chia Eye Achiever Serum under my eyes. The coolness of the steel rollerball and the silky texture of the oil offer immediate relief to tired eyes and help my under eye area feel rejuvenated and plump.


My idea of the perfect date makeup look is the type where you look effortlessly beautiful—even though you and I know the effort it takes to make the skin look delicately dewy. I want my makeup to be polished and pretty, but easy to maintain—I can’t be bothered with frequent touch-ups. Therefore, I stay away from bold lip colors that (especially if the plans include eating) and from dramatic eye looks with potential eyeshadow fallouts, mascara flaking, and eyeliner smudging. I prefer to play it safe with cream products, which tend to fade more evenly, and neutral colors that suit my complexion.

On my face, I use the W3LL People Bio Correct Concealer (in Light) to neutralize darkness under my eyes and a few drops of Gressa Serum Foundation to even out my skin tone. This has been my go-to combo for a long time and makeup-wise, a date may not be the best time to try something new. Then, I fill in my eyebrows to give them a polished and more defined look using the Plume Nourish and Define Brow Pomade in the shade Chestnut Decadence.

On my eyes, I use the Rituel De Fille Ash & Ember Eye Soot in Half Light, a warm taupe color that both defines and warms up my eyes with a soft, cream-to-powder texture. Then I line my upper lids with the Kjaer Weis Black Eye Pencil, keeping the line close to the lash line and smudging it out with the Kjaer Weis Soft Brush to give it a soft, romantic flick. I finish my eye look with a coat of Hynt Beauty Mascara to give my lashes a slightly more wispy look.

A soft, pink blush is a non-negotiable step for this type of look. The ILIA Multi-Stick in the color At Last gives my skin a flattering, natural flush—as if I had just woken up from the best nap of my life. Using my finger, I also apply the same multi-stick color to my lips, and then with the Kjaer Weis Mauve Lip Pencil, I define the outer edges of my lips, making sure that the lines are not harsh.

Finally, I add some luminizer from the RMS Beauty Luminizer X Quad on my cheekbones to give them a healthy-looking glow (I dipped my finger in all four shades), but I blended it a little more than usual to make it look less like product sitting on my skin and more like I have a naturally glowy complexion.


Since I don’t have the skills—or the patience—to create Pinterest-worthy, romantic braids or updos, I like to style my hair into soft curls. All I use is a brush for detangling, a comb for sectioning, a hair tie to hold the sectioned hair, and a curling wand. I first separate the crown from the rest of my hair, and then I divide my hair into two big sections on each side and I being to curl sub-sections from each side. I simply wrap my hair around the barrel, leave it in for a few seconds, and then release the hair.

Once my entire head is done, I dispense a few pumps of a leave-in moisturizing treatment into the palms of my hands, I rub them together, and I run the product through the lengths of my hair. I use Milk by Reverie, a product that tames frizz, adds a non-greasy shine, and provides a gorgeous unisex, earthy scent.

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